My brother went home last night. The kids cried terribly, but we had a wonderful visit with him. Hopefully he’ll get to come out again soon.

I have one of my rare forays away from science fiction and fantasy waiting on my desk for me to copyedit: a novel by “the Queen of Hip-Hop Fiction,” Nikki Turner. I did her last book, The Glamorous Life, which was very well received, and so was asked to copyedit this one as well. The voice in Ms. Turner’s books is of paramount importance and part of what makes her novels bestsellers, and I’m extremely careful not to alter hers.

After this, I’ll work on revising my own novel a bit and will start putting together a query letter and polishing my synopsis. It’s very exciting!

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  1. I’ve done a few sorts of things like this, including the massive Vibe Magazine History of Hip-Hop and a novel by Sapphire. It’s becoming almost another specialty, just like knowing the whole deal with sf/fantasy. I feel comfortable enough with it all, even though I’m older than most of those involved with it.; but a lot of people my age would be completely baffled by it all.

    And I’m not even particularly a fan of hip-hop, though I do like some of it…

  2. Yeah, it really is a specialty in itself. I think the primary elements for successful copyediting in this genre and SF/F boil down to the same thing, though: respect for what the author is trying to accomplish.

    I love hip-hop. And country, oddly enough. I really enjoy Cowboy Troy’s “I Play Chicken with the Train.” :-) In general, I have extremely eclectic taste in music.

  3. Don’t know that one–is it some sort of country/hip-hop crossover thing like Bubba Sparxxx?

    I like the early stuff when it was still kind of an offshoot of soul music, and I like the more jazz-based stuff like Digable Planets, US3, and De La Soul. And various other things. I live in an urban environment (Lower East Side of NYC) where I sometimes hear a lot of rap blaring on the streets and into my window, so I tend to get a little ODed on it.

    But whether I like it or not, I do respect what a lot of hip-hop artists are doing. Rap is really a connection to poetry as it was in ancient times. And yes, as we know, one should always respect the author (even if grumbling about what a @#$% goofball he or she is…) :)

  4. Well, now I’m going to have to go look up some of those groups, because I’m not familiar with any of them. :-)

    But, yeah, I’ve always been a sucker for lyrics.

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