I’ve been awful about updating recently, but mainly I’m just busy completing projects before World Fantasy. I finished up the second novel in a trilogy by Kathleen O’Neal Gear that offers a very intense look into mental illness among Native North American tribes and am working on a very exciting SF novel by Josh Conviser, who is an executive consultant for the series Rome.

On the home front, my two-year-old has, in the last month, completely potty-trained (no diapers even at night!) and learned to swim. He can actually jump in the pool and swim all the way across to the other side all by himself, with no floaties! It’s very impressive, and I’m extremely happy with his new daycare provider, who taught him how. It’s really nice to be able to work without worrying that my son is receiving substandard care.

Wilma is heading a bit farther north now, but should still be well south of us when it hits. (And we’re on Florida’s east coast, so the storm should be weaker by the time it gets here.) The schools here are canceled for tomorrow, though, just in case, and I expect stormy weather and possibly a power outage.

4 thoughts on “Busy”

  1. As a mother, I shake my fist in envy. My minx did not fully potty train till she was four. (Whereas I was raised on stories of “Oh, you potty-trained yourself at 18 months.” Grarg.) Yay the swimming!

  2. Yeah, we’ll have stormy weather, but I think we’ll be fine. Egads, I’m done with thinking about storms.
    Since I now consider you a great source for book recommendations, tell me more about Kathleen O’Neal Gear. The work you mentioned sounds right up my alley.
    Hooray for your son–swimming and potty trained? That’s great!

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