Some good news

I got notice that my story “Mutual Feelings” (a sexy and disturbing one) has made it into the final reading pool for the Horrors Beyond II anthology. I’m sure it’s up against some great stories, but it’s exciting anyway. The editor noted, “I enjoyed the tale a great deal–you have a solid prose style; I can see why you are requested as a copy editor.”

I’ll let you know when I find out more. For those of you who enjoyed that bit of smut I posted a while back (please don’t click the link if you’re offended by sex or cursing!), maybe I’ll have something more involved to point you to. :-)

11 thoughts on “Some good news”

  1. Wonderful! I hope it makes it into the anthology!

    * and I *cough* enjoyed that ‘bit of smut’ you wrote!!! :)

  2. Congratulations! I hope it’ll find a home there.[*]
    – Benja

    [*] In the anthology, not the reading pool, yadda yadda :-)

  3. You’ve opened an LJ account! Do you intend to start a blog of your own?

    Thanks for the congrats. It sounds like a solid fit there, so I’m hoping it finds a home too. :-)

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