I got a rejection today on that erotic and disturbing SF story that had made it to the final pool of the Horrors Beyond II antho. The editor was kind enough to include a note, though, that read, “Deanna, your story stood its ground with an astounding number of works — and it held up. There was no lack of quality; it was ‘fitting’it in a location in the anthology.”

(The editor, William Jones, describes his selection process for anthos here. It’s really extremely interesting, the way he ties the stories together into an arc.)

So that’s the best kind of rejection. I knew it was at least that kind of rejection because it was down to the final hours, so I’d bought champagne to celebrate either way. I poured it into a glass one of my authors (China) sent me for my fortieth birthday, which he hand-etched with an illustration from a story of mine he’d read and liked. I’ve decided that will be my writing-toast glass, and if I ever sell the story it’s based on I’ll be even that much happier. :-)

I do really well with my short stories considering how few I’ve written: I’ve only done five. Two of those I’m certain aren’t publishable; one I’ve never even submitted anywhere. Two of the others (the most recent) regularly make it to the final reading pool of anthologies–I’m just almost there. :-)

I really just need to write more.

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  1. Congratulations!!!

    Sometimes it’s so hard to fit writing time into everything else that is going on, I hope that the story finds it’s place soon!

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