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Every time I edit something on the computer, I end up putting myself in a bad ergonomic position (or slowing myself unnecessarily) because I mouse with my right hand–following the words with the cursor to be sure they’re all there and looking the way they’re supposed to–but then have to reach way over with my left hand (or let go of the mouse with my right) to hit the Page Down key. (I hate using the scroll bar–it’s too slow and inaccurate, and I lose my place.)

I finally decided to Google a way to remap the keyboard in XP (I think Macs do this easily) and found this handy utility.

Now I have that useless (to me) tilde key in the upper left set to Page Down. Very nice, very quick, very ergonomic.

I thought I’d offer the link in case the position of some key drives anyone else crazy. :-)

3 thoughts on “Handy Keyboard Remapper”

  1. To avoid the hassel of page down, I got a pen tablet.

    It replaces the mouse and gives me a pen style, and since I am left handed that makes my life easier. It also has a scroll wheel on the tablet so that I can just thumb down a page line by line or page by page depending on how I want it set up.

    It has a left and right button near the scroll bar. I have the right button set up as a delete key so that I can scroll, highlight text with the pen and then hit the delete key, all with one hand.

    I like my tablet. You can see it here, at http://www.circuitcity.com/IMAGE/product/enlarged/wac/PC.WAC.CTE440BCCS.RT.JPG

  2. That’s neat. I still prefer not to scroll, though. It’s very difficult to keep from reading as I scroll, and it’s much harder to spot typos in moving text. :-)

  3. Those bad ergonomic positions can be worse than you think. I used to have a job where the keyboard was on one of those rollout trays under the desk, but the mouse was on the desk, itself. I worked all day in Excel, so I was constantly reaching for the mouse. The repetitive stress eventually caused two discs (is it disc or disk?) to go out in my neck. My employer didn’t provide insurance and fought the workman’s comp claim. I couldn’t afford the surgery, seeing as how I didn’t have forty thousand dollars lying around. Lucky for me, a wonderful reiki master named Christi Cavanaugh in Vail healed me in two thirty minute sessions after months of agony, and being almost completely incapacitated. Repetitive stress injuries are serious business. I love the litte wheel between my mouse buttons! What a lifesaver.

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