Emergency Medical Fund Auction at WorldCon

Longtime readers of this blog will recall me talking about the utterly priceless hardcover version of the hideously awful Atlanta Nights–an intentionally bad book written by SF pros to test PublishAmerica’s claim that they actually screen the books they accept. (I think anyone who reads the book will agree that they do not.)

Well, it’s going up for auction on Sunday, 11:30 a.m., at WorldCon. Most of the contributors (including me–click here to see my truly terrible chapter) have signed, and all proceeds from the sale go to the Science Fiction Writers of America Emergency Medical Fund, which is used to help SFWA members who suffer health calamaties.

Other items will also be available to benefit the EMF, though Atlanta Nights is the “true treasure.”

So if you plan on being at WorldCon, consider putting in a bid. I plan to. :-)

And pass along the word!

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