Everyone has those things that feel sexy to them. I don’t mean the things that make you feel sexy–though that can be part of it. I mean actual tactile sensation.

For me, finding a pair of jeans that fits me just right, snugs me close in all the right places, so that I feel them against me when I move…yeah. I love that. :-)

What feels sexy to you?

12 thoughts on “Tactility”

  1. Silk across my fingertips or palm of my hand. Or anything really smooth and soft that I just like to touch. Super-soft chenille can be like that… very sensual, sexy to touch.

  2. There are certain weights and lengths of skirt that feel very sexy to me. I find myself swinging my hips just the tiniest bit more when I walk in them, from the way they brush as I move. None longer than knee-length, that I can recall, although I have a few long skirts from which I get a different kind of tactile pleasure.

  3. Editgirl: Yeah, sensations on my hand can definitely be that way to me. I’m hard-pressed not to touch certain textures when I see them, and have to be conscious of how I might affect the people wearing them. :-)

    Mris: Yes! I don’t do that so much with short skirts, but I have this one ankle-length skirt with a long slit–up almost to my hip–and when I take a step or cross my legs and feel the whisper of fabric across my thigh, I find the sensation incredibly sexy.

  4. The .hack//SIGN soundtrack, I fear, is mine… It’s… aural lust. I mean, seriously, soundwaves that make want to go rrraaaarrrrowwwwrrrrr. *cough* (My more traditional “feel” is, alas, leather. Soft, soft garment leather. Mmmmmmmmm.)

  5. The way dangling earrings feel as they brush against my neck is a very sexy feeling – I love it.

    Also, I’m into the feel of very full skirts that swirl around my calves and…lace on my torso. I have this lace-trimmed camisole that is heaven to feel against my collarbones…

  6. Yeah, full skirts, especially 100% silk.

    I snagged some silk fabric for $10 a meter (which is a *bargain*) and now have a long, swirly silk skirt.

    It is Teh Sexxy!

    There is also this melancholy passage at the end of the first movement of Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony. It gets me every time.

    And oddly enough, I like the sound of the stroking of piano strings. Ya gotta ask me why in private, though.

  7. Beth and Heidi: I’ve never thought of music that way, particularly, but once I focus on it, there are definitely certain songs that make me feel sexy just by the way they make me want to move.

    Wendy: Lace has never done it for me, alas. I love the way it looks but can’t stand to wear it because I find it too scratchy!

    Heidi: Silk for $10 a meter is amazing. I’ll bet that’s gorgeous. Have you posted a pic? You should.

    Cheryl: Yes, soft and fluffy is always good. Most of that is too warm for my Florida climate, but I do like it when I’m in cooler weather.

  8. Melted chocolate on my skin. I melt chocolate nearly every week when baking…We won’t discuss how much of it is scooped directly into my mouth.

    My 2 inch brown calf boots.

    When I’m wearing a top that allows me to feel my hair on my back and shoulders. I miss my waist-length mane–it’s only a couple of inches off my shoulders now.

    Nice fabrics. Stitching with silk thread. Smoothing lotion onto my skin when I’m wet, especially after exfoliating.

  9. Soft fur against my skin: I have a sheepskin on my bed that’s sheer heaven to roll on. The sensation of my long hair brushing against my bare shoulders, or anyone’s lovely, clean long hair through my fingers. Long dangly earrings brushing my shoulders. The feel of cool water on my skin while skinny dipping! ;)

  10. I love the sound of soft acoustic guitar music with a high preference for “Blackbird.”

    I like cotton sheets with a very high thread count, especially when they are still cool to the touch, which doesn’t last.

    The sound of rain on the skylight over the bed.

    I LOVE finding the right pair of jeans, for so many different reasons, sexiness being just the first. :)

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