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I notice my Technorati rank for this blog finally made it below 100,000 this week. That’s not too bad, really, considering how many folks still link the LJ.

What I need to do, of course, is come up with more copyediting posts that folks will find interesting enough to link. I have one good topic planned as soon as I get done with my current projects, but I’m certainly game for taking suggestions.

What would you like to hear about?

4 thoughts on “Technorati rank”

  1. Have you reposted the LJ copyediting posts over here yet? Because if you want the links to all point here, it’d be helpful if the content people are linking to was all over here, too.

  2. Sanguinity: Yes, everything that was unlocked and was over there is over here now. I posted an entry pointing out the new links to some of my most popular entries, and I have them linked on the sidebars of both the LJ and this blog.

    Heather: Yes, I have experience in both, and there are some significant differences in the way they’re handled; that’s a good idea for an entry. Thank you!

  3. Unpublished authors often seek editing of some kind to get that extra edge on their manuscript.

    Regardless of whether this impresses agents/publishers, could you speak to the possible value of such an effort from your POV?

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