9 thoughts on “World Fantasy”

  1. That is awesome – it’s totally deserved, based on what I’ve seen on you, and read of your edited work! (n’ hey, I’ve read Lynch’s before and after… how come you didn’t pick up on his mis-spelling of my sirname, huh, huh? Haha.)

    You rock. I hope you win, and I’m sorry I turned in my ballot before I thought of you for that award. Grr. I wonder if I can correct it.

  2. If I could afford a World Fantasy membership this year (which would, oh, require that someone give me a JOB!) I would SO go just to see you WIN THIS!!!!!!

    Because, dudette – you deserve it. :-)

    Rocking the copyedit, babe!

  3. Thank you all. :-) I know it’s a huge long shot as a copyeditor, but I’m incredibly happy about it anyway.

    Jason, you don’t have to be going this year to vote–you can vote if you bought a membership last year or the year before!

  4. Deanna,
    Do you think going to the convention is useful for someone who has finished his first book and is trying to sell it??

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