First professional short story publication

Hi, all. I am happy to announce today that my first story to a professional market is now in print!

“The Robidermist’s Steed” appears in The Anthology of Dark Wisdom: The Best of Dark Fiction:

“The Robidermist’s Steed” grew out of a challenge to write, of all things, a zombie unicorn story that could sell. I added the extra dimension of SF to mine and was proud to find a market.

It means a lot to me that this is my first short story sale. China Miéville had looked at this story for me some years back and loved it enough that for my 40th birthday, he sent me a crystal goblet he hand-etched with an illustration of the story. He has said that in retrospect he’s embarrassed by the quality of his drawing, but I adore it:

I don’t think many people are lucky enough to have a goblet hand-etched by China Miéville to celebrate their first short story publication with, but I intend to fill mine with champagne and enjoy. :)

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  1. That’s wonderful, Deanna! That first professional publication is another of those first times you never forget!

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