Facebook privacy concerns

Facebook is going to make it really easy to come back to blogging rather than hanging around on their site.

There are a number of things I particularly hate about the changes, and they all have to do with less control on my part. (I had the items listed below hidden as of a few days ago.)

First, I don’t like my friend list to show, because if it does, people I choose not to add can see that I’m adding others; this can make for a vaguely stalkerish fixation, when there may be any number of reasons I don’t add someone. I also don’t like for all my friends to see where else in FB I’m commenting or “liking.” [Edit: It looks as though comments may not show, but “likes” do.] Neither do I want my profile picture to show for everyone searching. (I didn’t mind it till I got a creepy FB message not long ago; then I hid it.)

Those changes, for the most part, go beyond those mentioned in the articles above. I see now, too, that everyone searching my profile can see what groups I belong to; that may not matter much for me, but I’m sure it is important to others that those be hidden. FB is really screwing up here. They’re so vastly popular because of what they offered, and they’re changing that offering substantially.

Honestly, part of the reason I got away from blogging was that I encountered several instances that amounted to stalking, and they scared me off. Facebook, for a while, felt like a safe place in the meantime. It doesn’t feel that way anymore. It doesn’t take much incentive for me to come back to blogging anyway, and I’m glad I was moving in that direction. I miss you guys. :)

2 thoughts on “Facebook privacy concerns”

  1. I wonder if these changes were done to comply with requests from certain governments? I’m thinking Iran, but lots of other governments would be interested in knowing who certain people are “friends” with.

  2. Whatever the reason, it’s really infuriating.

    I read one article surmising that FB is trying to be more like Twitter–that it’s jealous of the time people are spending on Twitter as opposed to it. Most people I know, though, split their time between FB and Twitter and actually post more private things to FB. FB is eliminating the desire to make those extra posts to FB.

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