September and mangoes

I love Florida more than anywhere we’ve lived so far, but September is my least-favorite month here, just because it’s the worst for hurricanes.

I never cared much about weather before I lived here; but if you’re even the slightest bit a fretful type, you start watching the storms when they’re way, way out, because we’re on an island and we have to evacuate when the hurricanes come.

So you look at storms like TD6 and say, “Oh, my. That looks like it’ll point right at us.” (We’re that tiny bump on the east coast of Florida, about midway down.) But anything can happen–the storm could die, or turn, or get worse–and you might not know if it’s a threat to you for weeks.

It’s kind of a sucky way to spend a month, really.

But there are still fresh mangoes, at least. Oh, the mangoes…I’ve discovered a place with more than thirty varieties of them, from tiny lime-sized ones to huge football-sized ones. The owners picked some right off a tree for me, and they’re juice-dripping-down-your-chin incredible. Nothing at all like what you get in a store.

It’s almost the end of mango season, but I’ll enjoy them while I can. :-)

6 thoughts on “September and mangoes”

  1. mmm mangoes. I had my first one in Nairobi, Kenya when I was dying of thirst and could not find any bottled water.

    They are beyond good.

  2. I’ve only just discovered the wonder of mangoes – but I’d hazard to say their tastiness is enough to distract any soul from the weather channel for a few minutes :)

  3. You can’t hardly find a mango at this time of year that isn’t sweet,”

    Oh yes, you can. In the stores over here in Germany. And I had no idea there are so many different ones, I only know Export Standard. :)

    Good luck with the hurricanes.

  4. Oh, and alas, all. I went to the mango grove today and found them closed for the season. :-( I was terribly disappointed. I still spot mangoes on several trees, but they don’t amount to enough to sell.

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