For those wondering, I really think the storm will miss us. We are *right* on the edge of its projected path, and the wind is picking up here. We’ve been watching and waiting, though, and unless it veers farther south, we ought to be okay. We’ve already told Blaine that we’re having a slumber party in the closet tonight, though. :-)

On the downside, Blaine’s too damn smart to think that sleeping in the closet sounds fun at all…;-)


It’s been a while since I updated, I suppose. I got back from Comic-Con a few weeks ago and have been shamefully lazing about since then.

Comic-Con is *huge*! I found it way too large for comfort, actually, and I doubt I’ll ever attend again. I did, however, have a nice time hanging out with the Del Rey editors (who I really believe are the nicest in the business), and I got to chat with some really nice authors, like Steven Barnes, Minister Faust, Howard Hendrix, Greg Keyes, China Miéville, Chris Paolini, and Mark Cotta Vaz. Terry Brooks very graciously signed copies of his work for my nephew, who attended with me and is a huge fan of his. Wonderful people, all.

In total, it was a fairly nice time. The crowds, though! Ugh. I had in mind that Comic-Con would be somewhat like a WorldCon, and it’s nothing at all the same. San Diego was a very pretty city, though, and I enjoyed what I saw of it. I may go back there someday when Comic-Con isn’t going on. :-)

And yes…

I realize that was a really lousy two-month word count, but I’ve been distracted. The important thing is that I’m picking it up again. I am trying to have my rough done for Comic-Con in a few weeks!


Woo-hoo! I made it to 70K! That’s official novel size! I had motivated myself by telling myself that when I got it here I would call it a rough draft and start editing, but I’m not actually at the end of the story yet, so I guess I’ll be good and not do that. :-)

Cracked 60K!

I’m very happy with myself. I hadn’t been making the progress I wanted and was thinking I might as well start taking CEing again, but I cracked 60K today and feel much better. I’m getting there!

Smut update

Well, much to my chagrin, I didn’t win a prize in the smut contest. There were some very good stories selected, though! My favorite was one of the honorable mentions:

If any of you entered under a pseudonym and won, let me know. :-)


Nothing much

I’m blogging mainly to avoid update pokes from Pen. :-)

I’m at 56K words today, which is less than I wanted. I’ve been very distracted this last week.

An editor called me last week about CEing an Alison Baird–he said he thought I would be interested because she’d put in a lot of work on the language of her world. It did sound really interesting, but I turned it down. I’m really trying hard to protect my writing hiatus.

I hope everyone’s doing well!