*sigh* Well, no writing today: Evan had a rough night and has been crying inconsolably most of the day. At this point, I’m too tired to think well and am about to hit the hay despite it not even being eight o’clock. Ah, well. They’re only small for a short while. :-)


Hi! I’m still a bit skeptical that anyone will be interested in my day-to-day goings-on. All the cool kids have blogs now, though, so I wanted one, too. ;-)

I’m still on hiatus from copyediting following the birth of my son in January. My days at the moment are mostly spent nursing him. :-) I’m beginning to get calls again, though–I turned down an Alice Borchardt and a rather boring-sounding nonfiction book recently–and I’ll probably start taking projects again in a month or two.

This week I’ve been working up the nerve to contact Tom Doherty at Tor, as the Gears asked me several months ago to call him about doing the copyediting on all their books there. They were very pleased with my work on *Raising Abel* (Warner) and said wonderfully nice things about me in the acknowledgments. :-)

I suppose that’s all for my first entry. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get started on writing a zombie unicorn story–a challenge I’m undertaking with some of my friends. :-)