About Me

I’m a freelance copyeditor specializing in fantasy and science fiction. I excel at ferreting out inconsistencies while maintaining an author’s style and voice, and the authors I copyedit often request me for their subsequent books. I am the only copyeditor ever short-listed for a World Fantasy Award.

I’ve been in publishing for over twenty years, hold a BA and an MA in English (concentrations in composition and linguistics, respectively), and have handled books ranging from young adult fiction to complex, four-color college textbooks with massive art and photo logs. I’ve worked in almost every genre.

SF/F novels I have copyedited have been finalists for (and have sometimes won) the Hugo, Nebula, Arthur C. Clarke, Endeavour, Golden Spur, Locus, Philip K. Dick, John W. Campbell Memorial, British Science Fiction, British Fantasy, and World Fantasy awards.

Books Copyedited (partial list)