I’m on two panels tomorrow at OASIS in Orlando, if any of you are going to be there:

Sat 11am If I’d only known… – Anecdotes and advice from the pros. Anthony, Castro, Courtney, Hoak, McDevitt, Simon, J. Mitchell (m)

Sat Noon An Hour with Travis Tea – Meet the hot young writer of ATLANTA NIGHTS, a book so memorable that once you read it, you’ll never want to read another!

Birthday Con

Update: I messed up the first one of these. Please vote again if you did already…:-)

Hey, y’all!

As I’ve noted before, I’m turning the big four-oh this year. I’m rather dreading it. :-)

However, 40 deserves a celebration, and since most of my best friends are in the industry, I’d like to have a party at a con. I’ve heard ReaderCon is a great convention, and it’s the weekend of my birthday, which is nice. WorldCon is about six weeks after, which is pushing it, but I could probably get away with a celebration then. I’d like to attend WFC, but I’d have to have some kind of “being 40” party instead of a birthday party if I did that one. :-)

But a party’s not much fun without friends, so what I really need to know is who is going to what cons, and if you might be interested in attending a birthday party if I arranged it. (And I know it’s odd to be arranging one’s own birthday party, but alas I don’t know how else to go about it. :-))

So fill in the poll below if you’d be interested in coming, or offer further suggestions in the comments. Or if you can’t fill out the poll or can’t leave your name on it, you can always drop me a line at deannahoak (at) livejournal.com.

And of course if you have party suggestions, let me know. I’ve never organized a party before. :-)


WisCon was absolutely fantastic. I had more fun at that con than at anything I’ve done in a long, long time. I got to talk to several of the authors I edit (China Mieville and Ann Zeddies), got to have lunch with Jim Minz of Tor, and got to give my “living room” panel on copyediting. Everything went wonderfully! It seemed that the audience really enjoyed my panel on copyediting, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to discuss it!