I called Tor/Forge again today, and they said that the Gears are welcome to have me copyedit their texts. They transferred me to the person who hires the freelancers, and I left a message on her voicemail. Hopefully it will all work out!

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  1. alright!! I was just thinking today that I needed to maybe learn some freelance work like copyediting. I’m an aspiring writer and wouldn’t mind a little income so that I’d feel more “productive”. good luck with it!

  2. Copyediting is a fantastic job. It allows me to do something I love while still getting to stay at home with my kids. It’s *extremely* difficult to break into without in-house editorial experience at a major publisher, though. Even though I have over a decade in the business, multiple letters of recommendation, and the goodwill of some of the best authors and editors in the business, Tor had told me just a year ago that they wouldn’t hire any new copy editors. An author request can be a powerful thing, though. :-)

  3. Tom Doherty agreed to a request by Kathy and Mike Gear to have me CE their Tor/Forge books, so I should at least get theirs. I haven’t gone off hiatus, though, so I haven’t pursued it further. (The Gears were extremely happy with a job I did on one of their Warner titles.)

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