WisCon’s respite page has been updated to show the “living room” panel I’m doing!


What questions would each of you ask if you were in the audience? I want to anticipate what the most common ones might be so that I won’t stumble over my answers.

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  1. Ever wonder what a copyeditor does? Deanna Hoak has copyedited some of the biggest names in science fiction. Come chat with her and ask her how she broke into the business, what you can expect a good copyeditor to do for you, how you can avoid problems during the edit, and what it was like working on a fantastic book like China Mieville’s The Scar.

    1. What does a copyeditor do? (seriously, many of us don’t really know)
    2. What is the best source for grammar and punctuation rules?
    3. Do different publishers use different rule books? Should we as an author try to anticipate a publisher’s unique grammar and punctuation rules?
    4. Is their anything a writer can do to help make a copyeditor’s life easier?
    5. Does the author have to change everything the copyeditor finds? Can the author “argue” with the CE?

    Good luck, this conference looks like an excellent one! Even if it is for girrrrrls

  2. Why do I need a copyeditor?
    Can I ask for a specific copyeditor if I know one?
    What if I don’t like what the copyeditor did?
    Do I have to learn grammar to be a copyeditor?
    Will the copyeditor fix my typos?

  3. John’s questions pretty much resemble the ones I would ask. Though in your description you do bring up CEing for BNAs, so I would say, is it any different from CEing for first time authors, or even those you are not familiar with? Also, do you take on projects because you enjoy the author? Is it more difficult to CE a book you don’t particularly like? How about one you really love?

  4. I already askled some of those but I thought I’d include them anyhow.

    1) How did you break into the business? What qualifications must a copy editor have?

    2) Who have you edited?

    3) Do you think that copyediting readiness of the manuscript affects iots chances of publication?


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