I’m back!

Hello, everyone! If I still have any readers after such a long hiatus, you’ll be happy to know that I’m going to start posting again. In the last few months, we’ve put one house on the market, sold it, sought out and bought a new house (I live on an *island* now, of all cool things), and packed and moved and unpacked. And, of course, the kids have grown and changed all along. The move’s been tough on them. Evan has two teeth now, though, and has just started crawling, and Blaine turned four and a half (on my birthday :) ), and is proudly announcing her new age to everyone.

I’ve found Blaine a new Montessori school here, and she starts on Monday. That, combined with the fact that the unpacking (though not the organizing :P) is finished, means that I can start taking work again! I’m very excited at the prospect.

Warner has called me the most often, so I’ll see if they have any interesting manuscripts coming up. Del Rey’s running a close second, and I actually had Penguin call me up out of the blue after WisCon to offer me work. I’m looking forward to doing non-moving-related work so much I can’t tell you!

7 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. How do you like Montessori? I know it’s years before I have kids, but I hated the public school system when I was in it (despite being in many different states and schools). And I’m pretty sure I’d go insane if I tried home-schooling.

    Glad the moving is over with! Let’s hear more about this island!

  2. Welcome back to the ‘real’ world :) Moving is so tough – congratulations on making it through!
    – Dena

  3. Island life!! How exotic, verily exotic! And how very busy you’ve been. And how very impressive your list of job possibilities! I’d be curious as to which project you undertake. And writing, I hope you save some time for that too!

  4. Wow! I do still have readers!

    I love the Montessori system, Claris. It has really been wonderful for Blaine. She learns an enormous amount and truly enjoys going to school every day. Blaine is very gregarious, and she’s a little…well….hard-headed. :) (She comes by it honest. ;) )The Montessori method emphasizes teaching to individuals rather than groups, and doing so in a positive manner. It meshes beautifully with Blaine’s personality.

    I love Florida so far! It’s warm and sunny and bright, quite unlike Ohio. :)

  5. Deanna,

    Of course you have readers. After all, you are, well, you! How can I resist clicking in now and then just to see if you’re back.

    Wow. An Island, great kids, new jobs. Sounds fantastic!

    John Borneman

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