Google Talk

So I guess I’ll try out Google Talk and see if it’s any better than AIM. I can be reached at
dheditor AT

(Your user ID is your e-mail address.) I don’t have a microphone set up, but try chatting at me if you’d like.

If anyone needs a Gmail invite in order to participate, let me know. I have fifty to give away.

8 thoughts on “Google Talk”

  1. Hi–I forgot to introduce myself and say hello before adding you to my Friends List. I found you by way of Charlie Finlay’s LJ, saw the number of mutual friends we had, read your most recent entries, and was hooked. :)

  2. Hi, Andrew! You lucked into a time when I had something interesting to say–I’m usually pretty dull. Thank you, though. :-)

  3. Oh, how embarrassing. :-P Sorry about that, Danny. :-) I don’t even know where I got “Andrew” from….

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