Ophelia turns in circles off our coast, ribbons of rain and wind streaming from her to soak the ground and strew the flowers from the trees.

The afternoon sky is soft and gray, and the sun is hiding. The rain drums to Ophelia’s tune, but lightly, and the sound is a soporific.

Maybe I’ll dream of her drowning herself.

4 thoughts on “Drowsy”

  1. Hey! That’s poetry! And…I LIKE it!
    It really provokes some dreamy, kind of eerie images in my head.
    You write purty, sis!

  2. I share that feeling but in slightly different way. I had gone outside of my work at about sunset to round up some shopping carts. A huge part of the sky had cleared and there was a lovely glow to the remaining clouds. I just stood there, enjoying the breeze and looking at the first nice sky in days. It really was an oddly pleasing moment.

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