2005 in Review

The current meme is to post the first line or two of your first entry from each month of 2005, which serves as a review of your year:

January: I trust everyone had wonderful holidays. Ours were nice here.

February: I’m getting into this a bit late, but I’m proud to announce my part in the Atlanta Nights project.

March: I had a lovely thing happen to me last week. Lou Anders at Pyr passed along some praise from Michael Blumlein, whose wonderful novel The Healer I copyedited, and told me, “I have yet to meet an author who doesn’t think you are a goddess.”

April (actually from the beginning of May, as I had no April comments): I know I rarely post to this journal and am rather private about my opinions unless I’m truly riled, so I thought it might be nice to do the question meme that’s going around.

May: Over in his sff.net newsgroup today, I offered Wil McCarthy congratulations on the rave review SFRevu gave his To Crush the Moon. He responded with this absolutely lovely compliment about my copyediting:

June: Do any of you belong to Mensa? Do you like it? I have got to find a
way to meet people around here….

July: I got to see a little bit of Alaska the last few weeks. I learned how to pan for gold, ate some wonderful salmon and king crab legs, watched a glacier calve, and saw bald eagles soar and preen.

August: I’ve added about five thousand more words to my novel, and I’ve taken out about four thousand that didn’t work anymore because the book ended a bit earlier temporally than I had thought it would.

September: On Lenin’s Tomb, China Miéville has posted two more articles about the sickeningly inadequate response to Katrina.

October: I posted several months ago on how I decide what to leave alone in a novel I’m copyediting.

November: I took adorable photos of the kids in their costumes last night, and the camera card refuses to acknowledge anything is on it. :-(

December: And I don’t really have time to think up an interesting post. I miss everyone, though!

I really wanted to include this one showing all the pretty flowers I have at my house in the spring, though. :-) You should check it out.

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  1. Hi there,
    I just found my way to your blog and I hope it’s okay that I’ve friended you. I’ve just spent way too long reading your archives! :) Learned a lot – thanks for sharing so much about your work!

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