Mystery objects

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! Ours were very nice here, though Blaine apparently confided to Santa (and not to her parents) that she wanted a hair-streaking kit, and she was very disappointed not to get it. Her birthday’s in only a few weeks, though. :-)

Do any of you have the slightest idea what the objects below are? They were in my antique desk when I got it several years ago. (I sadly have to switch this desk out with something modern–it’s really a child’s desk and is killing me ergonomically.) The box was with a really cool inkwell and a letter holder. It’s 2 1/2 inches wide and is embossed “Bradley & Hubbard Mfg. Co.” on the bottom. The round item is about 2 inches across, and it’s heavy. It has a screw on one end and a hook on the other.


15 thoughts on “Mystery objects”

  1. And the other looks to be some kind of clockwork. Hmm. Vintage clank parts?

    (Happily, I actually got the minx to write up a list, and reminded her that Santa was very busy and sometimes couldn’t get everything — he had to buy some things from stores, and if they were out of stock, then he’d just try his best for something else.)

    Hoppy Gnu Ear!

  2. Bottom one looks like a pendulum to me. Hook on the right to hang it in the clock; screw on the right to adjust so it balances properly, perhaps.

  3. The top one looks like a seal holder for me. (THey used to use sealing wafters to close letters or envelopes.) Bottom one–dunno, unless it was part of a clock.

  4. Yeah, it does seem like clockwork. Someone else suggested a pendulum, and I’ll bet that’s right.

    I’m glad your Christmas went well!

  5. Thanks! I’d seen that, but I didn’t find that box. I’m leaning toward thinking it’s for stamps, though, as Googling “antique stamp box” turns up similar examples.

  6. The bottom piece is a pendulum weight for a clock. The hooked end hangs from the pendulum arm The round nut on the bottom is adjustable and determines the time the pedulum arcs back and forth. Too high and your clock runs fast, too low and your clock keeps time slow.

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