A very nice thank-you

I was contacted this week by Josh Conviser, whose novel Echelon I copyedited. He said he hoped Del Rey had told me how happy he was with the copyedit, and he passed along a note I’d actually never received:


I wanted to thank you for all your work on Echelon. Your notes were fantastic, really helping me clarify the story. I think this version is far cleaner, tighter and more fun to read. The majority of that improvement comes from your copyedits and queries. So, again, thank you.

All the best,

Josh is an executive consultant for the HBO series Rome and does most of his writing for Hollywood. He clearly has a bright future in science fiction, too. Be sure to check out his website, which will be up in full sometime in May; the description of his novel gives me chills every time I read it. Clicking on the cover takes you to the Amazon order page.

5 thoughts on “A very nice thank-you”

  1. Sounds like it’s time to whip up a spec script for Rome…oh wait, it’s a planned x-number-of-episodes miniseries, right? Well, anyway, you get the idea…

  2. Bah. this is the most predictible thing you’ve ever posted.

    Dear Deanna–

    Like every author you have ever worked with who had a functioning brain, I am left in awe. Please clone yourself and send me one of you. I will pay postage if necessary.




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