My kids think I’m a goddess…

Blaine had a friend sleep over last night, so I made the kids a special treat for breakfast. I whipped some eggs together with turbinado sugar (for crunch), cinnamon, half-and-half, and vanilla, then took same stale French bread, sliced on a long diagonal, and soaked the pieces in the mixture until they were soft. Fried them nicely brown, then sprinkled them with powdered sugar and drizzled grade A dark amber maple syrup all over them.

Yeah, baby, that is French toast.

17 thoughts on “My kids think I’m a goddess…”

  1. The subject line reminds me of a card I got for one of my friends for her birthday. It has two old ladies on the front, and the text is:

    “My pool boy says I’m hot.”
    “That pool boy is correct. You are hot.”

    The inside of the card says, “We’ll always be good for each other. Happy birthday.”

    So I read the subject line and pictured the old ladies: “Those kids are correct. You are a goddess.”

  2. Can *I* sleep over if it means getting your French toast in the morning? Or the night before? Or whenever? :)

  3. Can you make French-Canadian toast? (It’s the same as French toast, but the egg keeps trying to separate.)

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