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  1. I’ve been a regular reader of Steve’s blog for some time, and he regularly gives me surprises and perspectives to think about. His openness and insights on living fully and, say, the mind-body connections — from sexuality and relationships to emotional and physical well-being to writing bravely and honestly, and all the contact points between those areas — are among the reasons why.

    Some years ago, when he and I both lived in Portland, we had mutual friends and frequently attended the same parties, and he attended several at my house. Even so, I wish that I’d come to know him then as well I do now through Dar Kush. His generosity of spirit is remarkable, and although there were times (not on his blog) when I found him to be irksomely full of himself, I guarantee that — if circumstances demanded it — I wouldn’t hesitate to entrust him with the care and education of my children. Now here we are on opposite ends of the west coast and I’m wishing I could hire him as a personal trainer.

    And he seems to peg you, Deanna, with his observation about “…across the room, volumes about [your] discipline, values, energy, and self-respect.” :)

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