Taking out our frustrations

I’ve had to write two letters of complaint in the last two days, which hasn’t been fun. I then opened up a file to start writing the post on style sheets I’ve been promising everyone, but I decided to start a new story instead. This is the beginning:

God, he was a lousy fuck. No foreplay, no variation in rhythm or tempo, no change of position. He didn’t use his hands. And he talked the whole time about how big his cock was and how impressed I must be with it.

Which tool, since he obviously hadn’t a clue what to do with it, wasn’t doing jack shit for me.

“So when are you gonna come, anyway?” he asked.

Idiot. Ten years ago, coming out of a shitty marriage and a worse divorce, I might have repressed a sigh and started moaning, gotten the whole thing over with. This afternoon I rolled him over and smiled down at him from my perch atop his cock.

“Never, if you don’t shut up and get busy, sweetheart.” I grabbed one of his hands and wrapped it around my breast, took the other and had him start rubbing my clit.

“Softer, babe. Softer,” I said. “You’ve got a lot to learn.”

He was turned on by it, I could tell: His erection had gotten harder, and his hands were overeager. He harrumphed, though. “I don’t get many complaints.”

I pulled my rump back far enough to leave just the tip of him in, then ground against him hard enough to make myself groan and started up a rhythm. His fingers faltered on my clit, and I put my own hand atop them to show him how to touch me.

“Not many women are as forward as I am,” I said, watching him through slit eyes.

I love writing sex. Even bad sex. It puts me in a good mood. :-)

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  1. Mmm, smutness!

    I wish I could finish up some of mine. Hard to be in the right mood to write it when there’s a 6 year old rampaging…

  2. Good writing. :-)

    I always admire people who can write good smut. I get so uncomfortable and embarassed at the thought of anyone else reading mine that I never get beyond a sentence or two.

  3. Yay! Smut!

    Actually, this is really interesting. I tend to suck (pardon the phrase) at writing sex scenes. Got any advice, or any particular books/stories you could point me to?

  4. Man, you write good sex scenes!

    I loved this because it wasn’t sex for tittilation’s sake. It was two characters discovering they could communicate. She had a problem in that he suffered from Big Dick Syndrome (ie, a man thinking that just because he’s got a big dick that that’s all he needs to pleasure a woman) and needs to set him straight.

    It also shows character growth, which is always good.

    If I could write anything, and not just a sex scene, like that, I’d be in a good mood too.

  5. Well, I see you straightened out that dangling participle. I read what you had to say about compounding, and was reminded by it when I wrote about getting a magazine off the news stand. Or is it newsstand?

    Here’s what I think about compounding. Whatever form best conveys the intended shade of meaning is the one to use. If separate and compound are equally accurate as in the case of newsstand and news stand, pick one and be consistent.

    Okay. I’ll let you get back to, ah, conjugating.

  6. Thanks. Writing sex is really easy for me, for whatever reason. :-) I’ve been told it’s one of my strongest talents as a writer.

  7. Thanks. I think the very first time I ever posted something sexy to a workshop I was embarrassed, but I got over it because people seemed to like it so much. :-)

  8. Deanna,

    Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to let Live Journal identify me without opening an account.

    My name is Steve, but I write as Jess Patrick. I keep one blog on Blogspot (http://jackstripes.blogspot.com/) and another on Xanga. I work in the chemical industry, and I like to read science fiction and fantasy. My taste in science fiction is along the lines of Edmund Cooper, Andre Norton, Ben Bova, and Isaac Asimov. Yeah, I’m skipping a whole bunch, but let’s keep this short.

    I once reviewed a manuscript for a British writer before he shopped it around, and when I did, I did a lot of the things you do as a copy editor. I kept a running list of characters in order of appearance, and I looked for things like chapter numbers, dropped plot lines, and so on. He had a scene take place in the U.S. with a Buick pick-up truck! Yep, I called him out on that one.

    Steve J

  9. I dunno. I haven’t read any books on it. I’ve copyedited several romances that do sex well, though. Gaelen Foley, for instance, writes very detailed and erotic sex scenes.

    As near as I can tell, though, the word “clit” is verboten in romance, which seems kind of silly to me.

  10. If you think posting its bad, trying being the first person in the critique circle that has to talk about the piece…add in the fact that you’re the only straight guy in the 15-person group, and its a really fun time.

  11. My sister writes romance, and I read over her very first effort, a novel. She needed a lot of reminding on the mechanics, but amazingly, her grammar was perfect during the sex scenes! Now if she can just figure out how to make the whole novel a big sex scene…

    Another Deanna

  12. That’s funny. She must be in a different mindset during those scenes. Her grammar may be “naturally” good, but she throws herself off when thinking too hard about it.

  13. Thanks for the link on your site. I like the “One Fierce Copyeditor” text. :-D

    Yeah, copyediting is an interesting job, because it’s almost impossible to copyedit your own work well. Even the very best authors will make errors, just because they’re too close to the text to see them.

  14. Yeah, that’s always tough. :-) Both kids were in the house when I wrote that snippet, though. It can be done! :-)

  15. Yep, I think that’s exactly it. It’s just been a while since she won a couple of writing contests in high school… That plus having two kids can really throw a wrench in one’s writing, wouldn’t you say?

    ;-) Deanna S.

  16. Just discovered this on the friendsfriends page.

    One of the fast fictions I did last year, I wrote as a sex scene, purely to see if I could do it convincingly.

    Posted it, but only as a “private” post, but it was done according to the rules: four word title, one word to use during the story, 200 words exactly.

    Those who have seen it liked it, but don’t honestly think I’d ever post it publicly.

  17. Yeah, I was a bit shy of posting this at first. And despite the cut and the warning, I did have one person click, be offended, and then unfriend me for it!

  18. It’s very nicely written – it’s a good job.

    (Feel free to wander around the fast fictions I turned around last year.)

    But yes, you will always get some people offended at sex or how it’s written. My gut feel, although I’ve not written much, is for every person you’ll offend, there’ll be someone (more than one person, given the strength of the writing) who reads it and goes “Oh yes.”

  19. Just read it – it’s good advice.

    I did it mainly to get me ‘hungry’ about writing again.

    As for writing ‘smut’… as I said, it’s not something I’d release to everyone, but if you’re curious, let me know and I’ll email you the fast fic I wrote.

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