I went up to OASIS just for the day, to do the panels I was on. It was fun. I sat next to Piers Anthony in the “Ask the Pros” panel, and he was very nice to me. (I was somewhat surprised because, well, I’d somehow gotten the notion that he hates copyeditors.)

At one point, after being asked whether it was a foregone conclusion that you could sell books once you’d had success with several, he replied that it wasn’t, necessarily, if you wanted to write other things than the novels that had done so well. He said, “It’s like being a beautiful woman. People only want one thing from you, and once they get it, they want it twice a day and then they think they own you.” Then he turned to me and asked, “Do I have it about right?” :-D

Heh. Actually, most of the guys I’m attracted to seem far more interested in my brains than my body. Comes from having a thing for writers and being a damn good copyeditor, I guess. :-D

Sex, hell, you can find that anywhere. A great copyeditor, though… ;-)

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  1. I’d somehow gotten the notion that he hates copyeditors.

    See the Tor edition of his But What of Earth? (which I copy edited–I’ve copy edited or proofread 5 or 6 books of his) for the story on this. also wrote something about it for a wikipedia article on Roger Elwood, but the wikidweebs may have deleted or modified it. Let’s just say that Anthony had some bad experiences that weren’t really the fault of copy editors per se, but rather of editors and publishers, but seems to have confused the latter bunch with copy editors.

    Sex, hell, you can find that anywhere. A great copyeditor, though… ;-)

    //puts on Barry White CD, lights candles, turns lights down low, pours more wine, gazes deep into your eyes.// “Baby, I never realized how very, very much you mean to me….”

  2. My friend Rachel had a high school swain earnestly urging her to dump her boyfriend-of-the-time: “He only wants you for your body,” said the swain. “I appreciate your mind.”

    Rachel glared at him. “People have been appreciating my mind since I was 6 years old! It’s time for somebody to care about my body, dammit! It’s refreshing!”

  3. I think you need to shoot for that great combination—lots of good sex WITH a great copyeditor!!!

  4. Sex, hell, you can find that anywhere. A great copyeditor, though

    Love it!! Interestingly enough, I’m a copyeditor who sells sex toys at home parties on the side! So, I like to think I have it all!

  5. Hey Deanna…
    Quick bit of advice, if you’ve the time…? I’ve finished my first novel, its website, the multi-media tie-ins (couple comics, a short story anthology, online art and background material, MSG Brds, etc) and managed to snag an agent for the manuscript… Aside from writing Book II, what’s next? Any and all advice and chat would be appreciated.

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