I’m home, and I had a great freaking time at ReaderCon. Wonderful birthday celebration. Fantastic people. Loads of fun.

I’ll post more when I’m feeling slightly literate again.

21 thoughts on “Dudes…”

  1. I was sitting at one of the chair rails by the bar quite a while after the cake had been cut. A pair of medical software salespeople from Minnesota approached me to ask if you were someone famous.

    “Everyone seems to want their picture taken with her.”

    I told them that you were quite famous and I was surprised they hadn’t heard of you. :)

  2. OMG!! You’re the one!!

    That was the most hilarious damn thing, because that couple accosted me later in the bar. They kind of called me over and started talking to me, and I was wondering why. Then they asked me what I wrote, and that they’d Googled me when they found out that I was famous but that I’d come up as a Christian writer, which they didn’t think sounded right (that damned outfit ;-)). Then they said that they thought maybe I was Stephen King’s daughter!!!

    Oh, it was funny. Thanks for the laughs. :-D

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