I’ve been working loooooooonnnng days (sorry for not participating more in my last entry–people had so many interesting things to say!) to try to get through all the work I’ve had so that perhaps I could go to ReaderCon. By today I’ve decided that I’m going to make it!

I sincerely doubt I’ll have time to arrange myself a birthday party (40 on the 10th, oh my…;-)) before I go, but I will celebrate there regardless.

And if I can manage to arrange a party, I will. Any of you who might like to come to such a hypothetical party (some of you answered here already), just leave a comment or otherwise let me know. :-)

9 thoughts on “ReaderCon!”

  1. Hmm, my birthday was a few days ago, and I’ll be at Readercon, so I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

  2. I won’t be at Readercon, so raise a glass to absent authors who just happen to share your birthday.

  3. I’ll be at Readercon!! Looking forward to it. I’ll come to your party (unless it’s Sunday, I leave Sunday.)

  4. Woo! I wasn’t going to be able to make it to Readercon, but some plans changed and and I will be there. =)

  5. Well, I wasn’t gonna go…but now it looks like I will! I’ve got the space in my schedule…and it’s not so far…So hope to meet you there.

  6. I’ll be at Readercon, and would certainly consider coming to your party! Looking forward to seeing you there, party or not– :)

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