CafePress and Fbod Studios

Someone sent me this link to a mousepad with “Yoga for Copyeditors” on it. I haven’t tried yoga–unicycling and weight machines seem to treat me fine–but it’s cute nonetheless.

While I’m giving CafePress shout-outs, though, I’d love to direct you to my friend Lisa’s Fbod Studios page. She’s got some great T-shirts for writers (I’m rather fond of “Murder Your Darlings”), some wonderful “Geek Speak” stuff, products featuring memorable quotes (I love the Mae West one ;-)), fantastic stuff under “Random Nonsense,” and more. (Check out the sidebar!)

What’s even better is that if you have a saying or design in mind that you’d really love to have on a T-shirt or coffee cup or whatever, she might be willing to custom design it for you to put in her shop. She did that for me with the “Physicists take Matter(s) into their own hands” T-shirt, which I love. :-)

So check her out. CafePress has the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with, and Lisa has something for just about everyone there.

4 thoughts on “CafePress and Fbod Studios”

  1. OT but my eldest is a mean unicyclist – rides hers to school daily with a heavy bag slung over her shoulder. My wife got a unicycle for her birthday (at her request) and two nights ago the youngest finally got hers. She’s been practicing falling off it ever since.
    I prefer two wheels myself – or even four ;-)

  2. Lisa: You’re welcome! I love your designs!

    Robert: Oh, the image!!

    Simon: I wish I were better on my unicycle, but really all I can do is just…ride. No muni for me. :-( Too old to learn new tricks, I think….

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