Home from WFC

I’m home and exhausted. I had a wonderful time despite spending a large portion of Saturday incredibly ill with a migraine (I even had to leave the WF awards because I started seeing glowing purple rectangles).

WFC is by far my favorite con–it’s small enough you can have long conversations with people, and the atmosphere is nowhere near as hectic (at least for me) as at some of the other cons. It’s a bunch of pros enjoying hanging out with other pros, and that by itself makes it worthwhile.

10 thoughts on “Home from WFC”

  1. Squee!!!!!!!

    It’s Deanna Hoak!!!! Squee more!!!!!

    *hugs* it was wonderful meeting you in person, leching with you and having a good time.


  2. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well (migraine — bad!), but it was a pleasure meeting you and hanging out. And, um, discussing things of a furry nature.

  3. Damn. Here I am, thinking, “I’m going to be good and not say a thing about the number of attractive men at this con and all the fun I had watching them, lest there are a few people out there who don’t think I’m the total lech I am and I can come across more professionally,” and you girls totally blow me in. Such a wasted endeavor. ;-)

    I had fun meeting all of you, too! We’ll enjoy the next one just as much. :-)

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