S. K. S. Perry’s Darkside

In honor of Technopeasant Day, S. K. S. Perry has posted the entirety of his novel Darkside online.

I tried to talk him out of posting it, honestly, because dammit, I think the book is sellable. It’s smart, funny fantasy–serious fantasy that has the benefit of having a smart-ass protag who will make you laugh throughout the book. Darkside gave me, hands down, more giggles, chuckles, snorts, and belly laughs than any other book I’ve ever read–and check my bio to see the big comedic names I’ve edited.

Steve has a Paypal link set up for those feeling generous, and I went over and donated $10–that’s maybe a dime for every chuckle I got from the one-liners his protag lobs throughout the book, and that’s one amazing deal.

Go read the book. Enjoy. Laugh. If you like the novel, donate.

What’s a laugh worth to you?

3 thoughts on “S. K. S. Perry’s Darkside

  1. I would say it’s *at least* as salable.

    Especially since there are still people like me who hate reading anything of any length on screen, and yet we will happily read the first two or three pages of an online book like this and if we like it gladly pay for a bound copy.

    The most recent book i bought like this (that is, starting to read it online and then buying it as a print book) was a book of short stories called “Glacier With Her Name Carved On It (And Other Stories)”. I can’t recommend that one highly enough.

    I am very sorry (and more than a little irritated) to find the author’s blog which had the title story on it is no longer available as of this writing (21Jan2009). Hopefully soon it’ll be up and we can all enjoy Jeff Harrell’s unparralelled writing!

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