Family movies are generally the only ones I go to see, and I don’t usually find them interesting enough to post about. We saw Kung Fu Panda last week, for instance, and I found it completely lacking in depth or characterization, which doesn’t have to be the case with movies made for kids. If you haven’t gone to see Wall-E, though, you absolutely should. It was fantastic, all the way around, scratched my SF itch, and definitely is not lacking in characterization or depth. It was just fantastic. Go watch it.

ETA: Was chatting with a friend just now and was able to put voice to why so many kids movies are lacking in characterization these days: They tend to rely on big-name actors for voice-overs as shorthand. Wall-E actually bothered to develop the characters. Really, it was lovely.

3 thoughts on “Wall-E”

  1. Oh, I am so keen to see this! It looked really, really cool when I saw the trailers… I wonder if I can persuade my five year old niece to be interested in it/quiet through it. Haha.

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