Because we can all use a smile…

Music has a lot of power to affect mood, from soothing to energizing to frightening. Every once in a while, a song comes along that will make me smile every time I hear it. It may not affect you the same way (though if you were ever a daydreaming kid who had to play outfield on a Pee Wee baseball team, I can almost guarantee it will), but I thought I’d put it here for you guys to see, in case it gives any of you a smile too. :-)

“Pop Fly” by Justin Roberts:

Will you post a song or video that makes you smile?

6 thoughts on “Because we can all use a smile…”

  1. This one always gets me dancing in my seat. I keep threatening my wife to go to an anime con dressed as one of these guys.

  2. As the father of a Little League outfielder, I’m absolutely smiling from ear to ear at this video. Thank you.

    I will need to find something equally fun to post on my LJ.

  3. Yes, I feel I’ve done a good deed. :-)

    Templar, did you have a link that didn’t come through?

    Sean: I *hated* being an outfielder. That song hits home, but in a sweet way. :)

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