Interview with WoW Insider

I’ve mentioned before that I play World of Warcraft. Those of you interested in that side of me might like to check out the interview that WoW Insider’s Lisa Poisso posted with me yesterday. It was a fun interview, and I get to name some of the fiction I think WoW players would find particularly interesting. (I’m sorry to those of my authors and friends I didn’t get to mention, too–it was terribly difficult to pare down the list!)

5 thoughts on “Interview with WoW Insider”

  1. Always nice to see other people of my same general age talk about WoW. I’ve been hooked for a couple years and have convinced my wife it’s not a total waste of time. The kids haven’t started playing yet but I figure it won’t be long. Good to know you only correct people’s grammar when you are being paid to do so I won’ t sweat any errors in this comment.

  2. Ahhhh! You’ve got a Vial of Sands! I have *got* to get my druid doing more digging… *grin* (Also, alas, not on any server where I could wave atcha.)

  3. Saw this linked over on Lj. Very nice interview. I’ve enjoyed that series of 15 Minutes and it is nice to see someone I follow there. Like A. Beth, no common servers though.

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