Well, I had on a high-cut shirt the other day, and my daughter came up to me and patted my stomach and said, “Mom, your tummy is too fat.”

And my husband said, “Blaine, that’s not nice. Mommy just had a baby!”

And I’m sure the poor, clueless guy has absolutely no idea that that was not the correct response. ;-)

(And yeah, I know I’m not fat. I am, however, a full twenty pounds heavier than I was before I had Blaine. Man, I must’ve been a stick!)

3 thoughts on “heehee”

  1. Heh. He actually does prefer me the weight I am now. Before I had Blaine I was actually below my minimum recommended BMI and was all of a size 2. I look better now that I’m a size 6 and my bones don’t show so much. :-)

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