I was a good girl and called Tom Doherty today. I left a message on his voice mail saying that the Gears had asked me to call him and that they wanted me to copyedit their Tor books. We’ll see if he calls back, but now I can at least write the Gears and tell them I did it. :-)

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  1. Kathleen O’Neil and whatsisface? Cool! My mom used to read them all the time. I don’t know if she still does.

  2. It is a great job. :-)

    I’ve done a tad of work for Penguin, but not much. They pay less than either Del Rey or Warner for their CE work. I did John Darnton’s *Mind Catcher* for them, though. I do love their list.

    What position is your friend in?

  3. is an editor, but I’m not sure what flavor. *G* There are some others on my friends list–I just posted a query, so I can get a list of all those kinds of people in one place. *G*

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