More ReaderCon photos

Here are some more ReaderCon photos I’ve collected over the last few weeks! (Sorry–I won’t always have so many photos in this blog! I hope it doesn’t load too slowly for you.)

Paul Witcover sent me this pic of the two of us:

Ern Lilley of SFRevu sent me all these others.

Here I am with John Scalzi (like he needs the link ;-)).

With Robert Legault, another copyeditor.

And with Ern Lilley, who obviously didn’t take this photo himself. :-)

With Allen Steele (that’s the Slush God and the Slushmaster in the background.)

Now, this… Ern wanted to take a picture of me, but I was all hunched over and cold in my coat. (The hotel was freaking freezing.) I said I’d lean back and show off my belly ring. Scalzi made some funny comment along the lines of “And they try to call us geeks” (except it was funnier than I’m saying–you had to be there), and everyone was laughing. Scott Bakker must have said something amusing, too, because I think I’m looking toward him, there.

And at some point at that table (I don’t remember when, honestly), the Cell Phone Camera War broke out! You see Peter Watts, Karl Schroeder, Scott Bakker, me, Scalzi (behind Allen), and Allen Steele. I think there was someone at the end participating as well, but I can’t recall who. Peter insisted his was the best because it was an actual camera instead of a lousy phone. The others were comparing features and resolutions. Scott and Karl either didn’t have cameras or are secure enough in their masculinity that they weren’t participating in the male posturing. ;-)

Me, well, clearly I was having fun watching the male posturing. :-D

(And Ian, I know there was one of the two of us somewhere, but it wasn’t in what Ern sent. Did someone else take it?)

I haven’t seen one photo of me yet from this con where I’m not grinning ear to ear and having an utterly fantastic time. If you weren’t there, you really should have been. :-)

12 thoughts on “More ReaderCon photos”

  1. Okay, I am totally envious of that wonderful flat tummy, and after 2 kids! (One kid and…well, let’s just say that a bazillion crunches has not given me that washboard tummy I had all my twenties) *g*

  2. I don’t know how I’ve been lucky enough to have that tummy. It didn’t look like that before I had kids, and both my babies were around seven and a half pounds–not huge, but certainly respectable.

    Pregnancy bothered my back terribly, though; crunches seemed to make it feel better, so I did a lot of them while carrying both kids. Maybe that helped.

  3. In the great cell phone camera war, the people not in the photo are Ernest Lilley (taking the picture with his actual camera), and me (holding up my NON-CAMERA cell phone).


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