Known Blog Issues

This blog is newly imported from my LiveJournal. The LiveJournal tags, unfortunately, did not survive the journey. :-( Should you come across a blank spot where a name should be, it’s undoubtedly because I had an LJ friend linked there. Please feel free to let me know of those when you come across them; the chances of me going through my entire blog and comparing it to my archive and fixing them are…infinitesimally slim. :-)

Also, it looks as though some comments here and there were summarily set to 1969 and deleted. I have no idea why that was. :-/

Other than that, though, I think this is looking pretty good. :-) The final touches should be made by Monday.

So welcome! I hope you’ll register and will post some comments. I always enjoy a good conversation.

3 thoughts on “Known Blog Issues”

  1. Since you requested it and since it’s listed in the sidebar, I thought I would mention that a username (author of The Prodigal Troll) is missing here:


    Good to know about these transfer issues since I may do it myself at some point!

    The sidebar posts are excellent, by the way. Have you written a “Getting Started in Copyediting” post, and if so, could you link it there? I’m just curious since I’ve been working in a writing tutoring center during my English MA program and developing some of the relevant skills. (I see a bit about it in your response above, and I figure you must get asked it a lot, so maybe you addressed it at length somewhere.)


  2. Thanks for letting me know on that. I added in a link for him.

    I wrote about how I got my start in publishing here, but I’m not sure it’s of use, really, to anyone else. I’ll try to come up with a more useful post for people, though.

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