17 thoughts on “WorldCon”

  1. Great! Does this mean you’ll come to my Klingon lecture, and begin your interstellar language career?

    In either case, you’re officially invited to the release party for Buffalogenesis. Postproduction copyediting not expected. :)

  2. I’ll be there. But I’m still smarting from that goodbye hug at Readercon so when you see me, squeeze gently. ;)

  3. Fantastic! I’ll be there. I was bummed I couldn’t get to Readercon, so I’m glad to have another chance to meet you so soon :)

  4. Excuse me for interrupting. WTH did you go? I mean from LJ. Admittedly, I don’t make it to my friend’s pages as often as I should, but you were there last week – weren’t you? What a loss for us. Can’t you post into two different blogs? I do.

    btw, love the pics you posted. What a pretty smile.

  5. Hi, Southern Writer. I’m going to set up something that will cross-post my entries here into my LJ. You’ll still be able to read my posts there if you prefer, but you’ll have to come here to comment.

    Welcome! And thank you for the compliment. :-) I had a great time at ReaderCon, and the pictures reflect that.

  6. I’m not going, but Edwina Harvey is flying over from Australia. (Co-editor of the Bullsheet, and editor of Andromeda Spaceways issue 24.) Please say hi if you spot her.

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