For people looking into WorldCon flights…

I’m still kicking around the idea of going to WorldCon, even though it’s coming up so soon and I won’t be people-starved yet. :-)

For anyone else looking, I checked on taxi fares from LAX to the con hotel and from John Wayne Airport to there: From LAX it’s $80-90, and from John Wayne it’s $30-35. It makes a difference when looking for flights.

UPDATE: Several people have noted that there are shuttles available; having just come from ReaderCon, where there weren’t any shuttles and the taxi ride from the airport was about $60, I hadn’t thought to check.

14 thoughts on “For people looking into WorldCon flights…”

  1. There is also the Disney shuttle (it’s listed on the worldcon site) and it’s $28 from LAX to the hotels.

  2. Voting rights have been used (I’m a nominee and on one of the bids). Current con-offered rate is 200. How would 120 sound?

  3. Oh, hey, duh, where are you located? I forget which town, but JB does have flights from Long Beach to your state.

  4. Oh. Heh. But I’d have had to go to LA by way of New York, from Florida. I thought I’d checked that…

  5. Oh, yeah, if you’re not in Ft. Lauderdale, then there’s no point.

    Jet Blue is the reason I’m going to WFC. I was on the fence, and then I saw they have flights from NY to Austin.

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