Easy cooking when you’re busy

Sorry, I know you guys like copyediting stuff, but I’m too busy copyediting to come up with interesting copyediting stuff at the moment.

I’m too busy to cook much for my poor kiddos, either; thus I have this…recipe, kind of. :-) (My daughter insists that it’s a recipe and that everyone in the world would want it because she loves it so much, so here we go. :-))

If you happen to cook bacon in the microwave, with paper towels above and below, save the paper towels. Later, for lunch or dinner, wash some potatoes (do not poke holes in potatoes you’re going to microwave–it makes them cook up all gummy), wrap them in the bacon-grease-covered paper towels, put them on a plate, and microwave them till they’re soft.

The bacon grease soaks all the way through the potatoes, and they really are very yummy this way.

4 thoughts on “Easy cooking when you’re busy”

  1. That does sound good.

    Of course, it also makes me think of last night’s Futurama episode…

    “Caffeinated bacon? Baconated grapefruit? Admiral Crunch? Boy, the future sure is weird.”

  2. That sounds good, and it even recycles! I’ll have to try it! And I know all about being too busy to really cook.

    Good luck with all your big projects!

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