WorldCon was an awesome time. The hotels and convention center were all conveniently close, and every room on the party floor of the main hotel opened onto a huge outdoor deck that made the room parties more tolerable than at any other con I’ve attended. (The floor was unfortunately a maze, though, that made particular parties almost impossible to find in the first place; I still largely avoided the room parties.)

I had a wonderful time visiting with my nephew, who is incredibly impressive to talk to about fiction. I’m trying to get him to start up a blog to discuss SF/F, since he feels like no one else his own age is into examining it the way he is. He was a bit overwhelmed by the con experience, but I think he had fun.

My absolute highlight of the con had nothing to do with the con at all, but you’ll have to hear it anyway because I was so delighted: I got carded!!! For real! At forty! My nephew was with me, so I even have a witness. :-)

If I mentioned every single person I got to talk to with this would get incredibly boring, so I’ll hit on a few highlights. (Please forgive if you’re not here–there are too many people to list!) I got to meet Fiona Avery and Josh Conviser, both of whom I copyedit and both of whom seem very nice. Bob Silverberg bought me breakfast, and I got the embarrassing if funny opportunity to explain to him and Allen Steele what furries were. They both genuinely seemed not to know, which I couldn’t believe of people who’ve been to that many WorldCons. (I’d had to explain to my nephew why so many people were walking around with tails and such, which is how the subject came up.)

Diana Gill was kind enough to let me into the Eos party, which I attended with Elizabeth Glover and Jenny Rappaport. It was not as fancy as previous years, but still nice.

Hottie of Publishing Liz Scheier told me she reads my blog and loves it, which was wonderful to hear. (She quite well deserves that GalleyCat title, btw.)

Oh, and speaking of hotties…Supremely talented artist John Picacio (you ought to have this book of his work–it’s gorgeous) has absolutely the sexiest swagger I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. I highly recommend a walk behind the man, just to see him move. (He’s also really nice, in addition to all else, and sweet enough to blush and get self-conscious if he knows you’re watching–don’t tell him. ;-))

I got to attend the pre-Hugo excitement, courtesy of a fluke extra ticket. I’d always wanted to see what that was like, and…well, it wasn’t nearly as fancy as I’d imagined. It was still nice to see everyone in all their finery, though.

I hung out a bit with the gregarious Paul Cornell (who was up for the Hugo for one of his Dr. Who episodes) and his lovely wife, and I got to meet Cheryl Morgan of Emerald City, who was very nice and who says I’ve won some type of Emerald City Best-Dressed award. :-) Tor art director Irene Gallo is very sharp.

And…I’ve just run out of steam. I can’t even name everyone else I hung out with, but I did have a great time.

And now it’s to work. Ernesto looks as though it will pass straight over us as a tropical storm sometime tonight or tomorrow, and I’m worried we’ll lose power, which can take a while to get back here on the island. (I actually had this fear all WorldCon that a hurricane was going to come and my family would have to evacuate without me, so this isn’t too bad.) I’m going to use my computer while I can.

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  1. John Picacio was a GoH at last year’s Minicon, and I agree, he is a hottie, and also the sweetest guy. Don’t you think he looks like actor John Leguizamo (only better)?

  2. Great to finally meet you!

    It was a good Worldcon indeed, if rather short for me, having only got in Friday afternoon.

    What’s next? World Fantasy? Nasfic? (I only mention the two I’m most likely to be at)

    (AKA Ferragus on LJ)

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