WorldCon, updated

I’m still logy from the con. After I posted my con report yesterday, it occurred to me that I left out John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley, with whom I had several breakfasts, and didn’t mention once the person I spent the most time with, who was Chris Roberson. He held court in the bar with a group that often included Rani Graff, Joel Shepherd, Paul Cornell and his wife, me, John Picacio…and damn, I’m forgetting people again.

I did not take a single photo all con, sadly. Lou Anders sent me this great one he took of me and John Picacio right before the Hugos, though. (John won the Chesley Award for Artistic Achievement this year and was up for a Hugo for Best Professional Artist.)
hoak and picacio

See? I did not exaggerate in my last post. The guy’s impressive (and a total hottie to boot). :-)

7 thoughts on “WorldCon, updated”

  1. Deanna Hoak, all-star copyeditor by day, supermodel by night….

    That was a really fun night, wasn’t it? :)

  2. How come grown-up women can call men “hotties” but a guy of ANY age can’t refer to a woman as a “hot chick?” Don’t tell me — I think I know the (politically cor-RECT) answer.

  3. All right — after due consideration, I finally must agree that you’re a hottie. If only other women didn’t object to such naked admissions of adoration!

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