Preliminary Nebula ballot

The preliminary Nebula ballot is out, and one of the books I copyedited–Wil McCarthy’s To Crush the Moon–is on it. To Crush the Moon is the conclusion to Wil’s Queendom of Sol series; the first book in the series, The Collapsium (which I also got to copyedit–Wil is one of the authors who requests me, so I’ve done the whole series), was short-listed for the Nebula in 2001. To Crush the Moon was short-listed for the Philip K. Dick Award last year.

Wil was nice enough to put me in the acknowledgments of this book for “taming” it, so I’m particularly partial, even though I like a lot of the other authors on the list too (sorry Jeff and Toby!). It is a great series.

Check out the books, folks, and vote when you can.

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